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DREA destroyed: Suspension outraged teachers review

filtration test again for the competition of places for recruited teachers eventually brought down the assessment more than 3 000 teachers in Ancash highlands, it forces the Regional Director of Education of Ancash, the suspension of the report, which causes a reaction normal outraged thousands of teachers who came to protest in the streets of Huaraz, but some of them and many infiltrators ended up destroying the local dela DRE-Ancash.

AGUIRRE JOB: TRY dialogue with teachers

Amid complaints from teachers who struggled to solve the problem the director education regional determine the mass face teachers, for it came in front and full square of Huaraz and under the stewardship of less than 20 policemen explains the problems encountered in the city of Chimbote, which forced the postponement of the assessment.

While trying to calm the crowd in the middle of slippage of teachers, some of them made use of the word, calling for teachers to assess the same examination given this month to 28 teachers for appointment.

However the noise, wanting to talk about all the teachers, he finally has reached no agreement, which eventually lead to a confrontation between teachers and National Police, and forced the Education Minister is withdrawn under heavy safety of the crowd.


By preventing explanation from the Regional Director of Education, teachers began marching through various points of Huaraz, while the most uncontrolled and a series of unusually infiltrators attacked the regional headquarters.

should be noted that the regional government opponents, as the APRA party, behind the attacks would damage the regional government headquarters.

After failing to answer contundente, pero sobre todo solución al examen de evaluación de los más de tres mil docentes postulantes a las plazas vacantes existentes en Ancash sierra, que les obliga a permanecer hasta hoy en Huaraz, provocó la reacción de los postulantes quienes indignados marcharon a la sede central dela DRE-Ancash y atacaron el local. Ante estos sucesos lamentables, las autoridades brillaron por su ausencia.

prosecutor supervises BROKEN

ex officio, the prosecutor Nancy Moreno and the National Police conducted an inspection of the Regional Office of Education , and lift the respective minutes of all the damage occurred as a result of acts of violence that lasted over an hour .

These unfortunate events are caused by the intransigence of the regional authorities to resolve complaints from teachers who feel cheated by the vices introduced teaching consideration.


When the fire began to wipe out the first floor of the DRE-Ancash, the strength of the security forces went to the site to prevent further consequences, acting with the full force of law, managing to recover local education and requesting the presence of the firefighters who managed to control fuego.Sin claims but teachers did not stop and demanded the presence of regional president.


Facing the facts of violence, representatives of teacher applicants from Conchucos, marked his distance from the violence that led to DRE-damage in the Ancash and specified distance from a number of infiltrators, addressing the main square of Huaraz, where each one representative from each province regional government requested the dismissal of the director of education and all the committee responsible for conducting the competition for teaching posts.

The formation of a transitional committee but with another director because the current has demonstrated its complete inability to control his team work and therefore can not continue in office but for the sake of their management has to make snap decisions, they said.

Aprista government and the region responsible

teachers affected by the suspension of consideration for positions contract, stated that those responsible for this whole problem is the central government where the Vice Ministry, Vexler Talledo, say it has demonstrated incompetence in his work, first for having delivered in the form irresponsible regional and local governments the famous municipalization of Education, when he knew that these institutions did not have the right professionals and less technical staff requires education, as seen in the city of Huaraz which is a complete failure.

But he also blamed of such abuse and ridicule of teachers Ancash, the Government of the Ancash Region, where the Regional Authority secured a total neophyte in education but the Ministry gives the position and ends at the end of politicizing his famous command of Count Me In .

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